When you are married or in a serious relationship, your priority in terms of keeping the love burning between you and your partner is to make him or her happy and satisfied. If your goal is to keep your partner to remain contented with you, then you’ve come the right place. In this article, you will be opened to a new way of taking your relationship into a much happier and exciting journey.

Bet you already have heard about sensual massage and how you and your partner can benefit from it. However, much to your expectation, there is more to it than just intimate touches. Sensual massage is actually a method that can effectively strengthen romantic as well as sexual relationships between partners.

Women, more than men need more affection and attention. Hence, as a man you must understand that in order for your woman to feel more comfortable in any deep and intimate activities, you must first make her feel comfortable and secure with your love. Also, when it comes to the matter sex, do not skip foreplay as it is important to keep her happy and fulfilled. One great method to add up spice to your sex life is to incorporate sensual massage during foreplay.

Sensual massage technique can help in building closeness and intimacy between couple as it will let partners to discover new things especially what pleases the other half and what’s not. As a result, every sexual experience is intense and erotic. Below are some sensual massage tips for men.

  • Apply only soft touches. Use your fingertips in rubbing areas like the inside region of thighs and legs, chest, stomach and buttocks. These regions are highly sensitive that when stimulated will result into a blissful sensation.
  • As your partner becomes more and more comfortable with your massaging, you may try to explore massaging the extremely intimate body parts. But be sensitive on how your partner reacts on your rubbing. It is actually a skill that you will need to develop overtime, for this reason learning new skills after the basics is a good idea.
  • You may also find a professional therapist to teach you the basics of sensual massage. Once you are ready to apply the basics, you may begin exploring and even become more creative with your way of massaging and pleasing your lady in a more sensual approach.
  • If your partner is a bit reserved, make sure to make her feel at ease with you at first. Then slowly sway her mood by some wholesome and playful bet where the rule is to win the game or rub the winner’s back. However, don’t give her the impression that you have the agenda of getting her in the mood for any sensual and erotic activity rather, let her feel that you are giving her the advantage of being loved and adored.

Imagine having a long and relaxing massage at the comforts of your home. Is in it divine? However, there are arguments about what is really more advantageous between in home massage and massage parlor. Apparently, having a massage in a massage parlor will allow you to concentrate totally on the massage and its effects on your body as the massage and spa environment is designed to allow client to fully relax and rest. Also, you can enjoy the perfect feel of the massage bed, lighting and aroma when you have your massage session in a massage center.

Outcall massage on the other hand has its own benefits that are also advantageous to the customers especially to those who are home buddy. Below are the five most common benefits of outcall massage that can possibly convince to try this service.

1.) Better and prolong relaxation

Having an in home massage will let you experience better and prolong relaxation. Why? Because you have the option to schedule your massage right before your sleeping schedule and after you took a warm sweet bath. Therefore, you are not just going to enjoy one hour of relaxation but rather an extended relaxation depending on how you planned to do it.

2.) You can be sure to get one hour full body massage.

Sometimes, when you have your regular massage on a spa you don’t really get the full hour massage allocation. Why? The reason is plain and simple; the more appointments, the merrier. They would try to fit in several appointments by deducting few minutes per client’s schedule. However, when you opt for outcall massage service you will get an hour of full body massage and sometimes even longer as you are the only customer that is being taken care of. They normally collect higher fees for outcall massage service as they will need to allocate enough time for the therapist to travel and complete the service.

3.) You will experience outstanding massage service.

There will be one dedicated therapist that will be sent to your home to perform a fantastic full body massage. However, in a usual spa set up, a therapist will only be given 15 minutes in between breaks especially when the spa is fully booked. The normal ratio would be around this figure: One therapist is to 7 clients. How do you expect the therapist to perform?

4.) You will experience total relaxation

Total relaxation can be achieved when you clear your mind and detach it from the distractions of the outside world by not allowing yourself to be affected by your five senses. This can be easily achieved when you are at the comforts of your home especially when you perform relaxation procedure in advance. Unlike having it in a massage parlor, your senses are on guard as you travel and adjust in various environments. Therefore, it would be more difficult for you to concentrate and relax.

5.) No driving required after massage

Apparently, you don’t need to travel after your massage and therefore you will not experience traffic on your way home that will cut short your relaxation. Thus, all you will have is pure bliss and pleasure.

Yoni massage has been widely misunderstood by many. Yoni tantra massage is a tantra technique that must be done only with the right approach, spirit and abundant knowledge. Also, it should not be regarded as another fancy name for foreplay. It is definitely more than that. The best and the simplest way to describe it is that it is a spiritual tantra method that is designed to strengthen relationships by building the trust and breaking the barriers between two souls that shares intimate connection.

Tantra yoni massage can be employed on any women who have sexual inhibitions to help them free themselves and be more aware of the full extent of their sexual potential. It can help any woman to be more welcoming and giving just as how a true tantra goddess is to her partner. Furthermore, this type of tantra technique has been practiced many years ago to help women overcome traumas from the past.

According to the accomplished tantra masters, when yoni massage is done correctly, it can help cure sexually related illnesses because it has a psychosomatic healing that works from the innermost soul of an individual. When a man employs this tantra ritual and technique, he is allowing his partner to release and overcome any doubts and fears towards having sex and encourage her to be more open on receiving pleasures without any hint of hesitations.

However, any individual who is going to engage in yoni massage must remember two things: It is a form of worship and it is not a form of foreplay. It should be done with respect so that the gift of genuine pleasure and healing must be given to the receiver fully. The real benefit of yoni massage can only be achieved when the receiver acknowledged the pleasures and responds on her own free will. This act signifies that the receiver has experienced true worship and as a form of reward to the giver, she would give in return in which we can refer to as devotion.

One of the most common reasons why many couple failed to benefit from yoni massage is their lack of awareness of the real essence of yoni massage. It is a very powerful tantric method if and only if the one doing it is highly capable. Understand that a woman requires attention and respect; thus, this should be done by someone who is not just knowledgeable but also compassionate in nature to help the receiver to accept the gift of worship freely without tending to react from her past guilt, shame and issues on receiving instead of giving.

Tantra yoni massage has helped countless of couples whose problem lies on woman who is intimidated and crushed because of the past hurtful experiences. With the help of a tantra master who was able to achieve a strong spiritual encounter with couples who shares the same malady, problems concerning sexual anxieties and troubles can be exterminated.

In the practice of Tantra, Lingam massage is considered as a form of nurturing and at the same time honoring of the male sex organ. Lingam is a Sanskrit for the wand of light. Moreover, according to the ancient Tantra nurturing and honoring the lingam in a way of lingam massage is just appropriate and absolutely desirable.

The male organ is considered as the storehouse and at the same time channel of tantra energy and pleasure. Tantra lingam massage techniques can be learned from experienced and skillful tantra master. However, below are some of the basic steps and factors to be considered in giving a tantra lingam massage.

  • Please note that the main objective of lingam massage is not orgasm. In the contrary, this massage is reflected as a respected tantra ritual in which the main objective is to help any man to explore the extent of his ability to live through his sensual pleasure. However, as part of the effects of tantra lingam massage, the receiver will experience orgasm, but such occurrence is considered to be blissful secondary experience.
  • While lingam itself means one thing, the massage in itself does not focus only on the penis. Thus, it is not only the entire length of the penis that is being massaged during the process but also the prostate, testicles and perineum is included. Moreover, unlike the conventional belief on men, the lingam massage experience may not be always seen as something comfortable for inexperienced men. This is true especially for men you focused on performance as lingam massage is definitely not just about sexual performance instead, it is all about submitting to the flaccid pleasure.
  • Basically, one of the most important requirements of lingam massage that will effectively teach both the therapist and the massage receiver is their right attitude towards one another. On that note, the receiver is expected to relax and give in to his sexual needs and allow his body to receive pleasure freely. The giver on the other hand, must display and maintain complete respect to the receiver and to the lingam tantra ritual.
  • The receiver must rest his body comfortably with some pillows under his hips and head enough to be elevated for better sight of the therapist. The legs must be slightly apart while the knees are partially bent.
  • The giver and the receiver must begin with long and deep breathing together to relax and engage in the truest spirit of the ritual.
  • The giver must apply oil on the lingam and testicles. The massage may start at the testicles and progress to the perineum and scrotum. This course must be done with highest care. Also, the giver must pay close attention to the reaction of the receiver to make sure that he does not feel any pain or discomfort.
  • The actual lingam massage must start from the bottom of the lingam and progress upward. The pace and strokes must be slow and gentle. One good technique is to use both hands alternately and apply gentle and uniform pressure. Glide hands in an upward motion and release rhythmically then reverse the process. Notice that the lingam will become firm and soft at times but it does not reflect the performance of the giver as it is part of the effects of lingam massage.
  • To wrap up, let the receiver rest for few minutes in total silence or with some relaxing music.

Don’t be too carried away by the title. I don’t mean sex here. A sensuous massage simply means erotic massage that uses many different techniques and strokes that is also used in a conventional massage. Moreover, sensual massage is great for those couples who are passionate in showing and expressing their feelings and emotions towards one another as the pleasure of erotic experience can be felt by both the massage receiver and the giver. Below are the basic steps and things to consider if you planned to reward your partner with a fantastic sensual massage.


  1. Personal grooming is important. Be sure to take a shower and tidy yourself up before you indulge into sensual massage to avoid major upset. For women, pay close attention to your hands and nails. While guys must be sure to have their body hair well groomed. Normally, you know your partner’s preference so you can prepare exactly to their liking.
  2. Prepare a kind of sensual environment. This is critical to set the mood of the receiver and enjoy the whole sensual massage experience with you. You may use some lighting techniques to this, play sensual music, use sweet scents (you can try vanilla room scent) and decide for the right temperature. It is best to set a warm room temperature that is enough to keep a nude body warm or to keep someone with limited clothing warm and comfy. Although it is good to note that sensual massage is usually done bare and beautiful.


  1. The first part of the massage is to have a warm bath together with the therapist. The set up would be the therapist will wash the receiver’s body with warm water. This is a great way to help the receiver to relax and be comfortable with massage touches.
  2. Initially, you can ask your partner if there is anything that he/she is not comfortable being touched. This will help you make your partner feel more comfortable and it will also give you an idea on how you will progress with the sensual massage effectively.
  3. When you sense that your partner is little uncomfortable, you may try covering his/her buttock and clearly explain that he/she can ask for the towel to be removed soon as he/she becomes more comfortable. Note that the sensual experience is heightened in nude body as the touches and strokes are uninterrupted.
  4. If you are not trained to perform any massage techniques, you may begin by massaging the following tension filled areas: Neck, shoulders, back to lower back and buttocks. Leave the feet until you are done with other parts. Before the receiver turns over, it is best to wash your hands prior to start massaging the front.
  5. As for the strokes, maintain long slow strokes and keep the movement fluid. Use oil or lotion to make your hands slide freely. Do not apply too much; just know the right amount that can make you move comfortably over the skin. Remember to not lose contact with the skin at any time.
  6. Try combining light, moderate and ultra-light pressure. You can get hints from the response of the receiver of what feels good or the opposite. Progress your massages according to the receiver’s feedback.
  7. Finally to increase the pleasure, touch the erogenous zones. Such areas include inner wrist and thighs, behind the knees, face and other sensitive areas. Combine long gliding strokes and non-ticklish feathering touches.

Post Massage:

Sensual massage can be ended in different levels according to your partner’s preference not yours. Normally, those who are supposed to go back to work prefer to take a bath to do away with excess oil. While others who want to lengthen the experience opt to continue some erotic playtime.

Prostate problems can be treated in so many ways. It can be natural or technological. The natural way includes massage therapy. One of the recognized alternative ways to cure prostate issues naturally is prostate massage. This type of massage can effectively treat prostate problems and at the same time improve sexual pleasure.

Prostate massage is a form of Tantric exercise. Aside from its health benefits, it can also help revitalize sex life and aid men from overcoming impotence. The prostate is responsible of producing seminal fluid which will determine male potency. On that note, prostate massage can dramatically increase seminal fluid which means increase of possibility of impotence to drop.

Moreover, prostate massage can effectively heighten a man’s overall sexual pleasure that will result to total satisfaction. There are several prostate massages that can help alleviate the symptoms of prostatitis and pelvic issues in men. You can find some relevant information on prostate massage and its rate at ChakraTantra website.

On the other hand, having a prostate massage in a regular basis can help stimulate orgasms and ejaculation. Also, it has been proven that the orgasm reached is highly intense when prostate massage is being applied. The resulting effect of stimulated prostate is improved seminal fluid and blood flow. Basically, the increase of fresh supply of blood and nutrients in the body can greatly improve the reproductive system while keeping it healthy and well-functioning.

Moreover, prostate massage can help cure erectile problems. At times, men may suffer from a restricted flow of blood around pelvic area which in result can harm their reproductive system. Other contributing factor that causes erectile dysfunction includes age, specific health condition and sometimes injury. By employing prostate massages, the flow of blood will improve causing the occurrence of erectile dysfunction to decrease and therefore restoring full and active sex life. Below are some prostate massage practices that can be employed to treat prostate problems.

  • Elevated Spinal Phase of the Wave: Arching – Anterior Pelvic Position
  • Rounded Spinal Phase of the Wave: Flexing – Posterior Pelvic Position
  • Gestalt Ecstasy: Spinal – Core Release
  • Pelvic Movement & Centering
  • Tantric Release: Orifice Breathing
  • Working the Container: Asanas
  • Expression and breathing

Moreover, below are the things that you can expect after a prostate massage:

  • Pain will slowly go away
  • Symptoms of enlarge prostate will slowly disappear
  • Improved urine flow
  • Better sleep
  • Improved bladder function
  • Light and better feeling
  • Improved sexual desire
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Heightened energy

However, while prostate massage has many different advantages there are also medical warnings relating to it. Firstly, prostate gland is one of the most delicate organs of a male body. Thus, it is imperative to treat it with utmost care. There are several methods employed in prostate massage that can be very helpful to treat various prostate problems but such methods must be done by someone who can do it expertly. Attempting to do it yourself can possibly harm you. To avoid such, ask your physician of a possible prostate massage that can be applied to your specific condition.

Malaysia DAP revealed that elite Malaysian students did poorly as compared to Singapore’s unprivileged and financially challenged kids in the Programme for International Student Assessment. The analysis of the assessment result indicates that Malaysia is now facing a certain crisis in education.

The Education Ministry of Malaysia has in fact received different criticism following the 2012 PISA results showing that the country’s 15-year-old students placed 55th of the 65 participating countries including Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.  Also, result shows that Malaysian students scored lower than the contributing students of the above mentioned countries in the fields of mathematics, science and reading.

On the other hand, Datuk Dr Khair Mohamad Yusof  - Malaysia’s Director-general of education stand up for Malaysian education system saying that Malaysia’s top ranking schools were in fact of the same level with the world’s finest schools. However, as opposed to what he said the recent data released is clearly showing that Malaysia’s elite students were straggling behind poorest students of the neighboring nations.

What is more alarming is that it was also found out that the top 10% of Malaysian students were only marginally advanced than the bottommost 20% of Vietnamese students which country is six times lower than Malaysia in terms of GDP per capita.

Outcall massage has become more and more popular nowadays. And as it gets even more popular, many people have heard about it and became more curious to know what it is and how they can benefit from it like other people do.

Basically, an outcall massage simply means that a therapist will personally go to your place as contrary to what we usually do when we need a massage. Meaning to say, you don’t need to go to a spa or massage parlor, instead you can just wait for the therapist at the comforts of your home or hotel. Apparently, this is fairly convenient on the part of the client especially to those people who are busy, terminally ill, disabled and even those who just wants to stay at home for some reason.

Nowadays, many therapists are offering outcall or home service massage. They normally bring their own supplies, equipment if necessary and even massage tables. Depending on the type of massage being requested, an outcall therapist will gladly provide the client all the necessary things to deliver satisfactory service.

However, there are some notions that links massage therapy to sex industry that is why legitimate massage therapists that offers outcall service normally give clear description of their service to their clients. Also, when a client calls to make a booking, the therapist will usually ask some relevant questions that can ensure that there are no other indecent services that the client expects from the therapist. The following are the usual questions: Check out http://www.comfortzonemassage.com/ for more information on how to make an appointment for an outcall massage service.

  • Is this your first time to call?
  • Were you referred by someone who happens to be my/our client?
  • What type of massage would you like to avail?
  • How many hours would like to reserve?
  • Do you prefer male or female therapist?
  • When do you want to have the massage?
  • Where do you want to have it?

Normally, after the call the therapist will inform the client of the cost and inclusions of the outcall massage service while other therapist will remind the client that any sexual service will not be provided all throughout the session. There are therapist that offers outcall massage service only to those clients whom they have established trust and respect. Those are regular clients or clients that were recommended by other outcall therapist.

To conclude, an outcall massage therapist generally charge higher compared to customary therapist as outcall service would require longer time considering that they will need to travel and arrange the massage bed for that matter. Other therapists even charged double of the standard amount because of the fact that they provide personalized service using their own supplies, equipment and transportation.

Before we start learning the steps of yoni massage, it is best to know what it is and how you can benefit from it. To start with, yoni is the Sanskrit term for the female vagina. It is commonly described as a massage in which the yoni or vagina is touched, massaged and pleasured from a deep perspective of respect and love.

The objective of this massage is definitely not to deliver orgasm to the receiver. However, as part of the process it can be achieved as welcome side effect. Its truest purpose is to help a woman learn how to relax, trust, practice intimacy, bond, enjoy and to give as well as receive pleasure with ease.

Also, this method is used by qualified yoni massage therapist to help women to wear down emotional and sexual blockages especially those who experienced trauma. Below are the basic steps that you can use to perform yoni massage. For further knowledge about yoni massage, you can visit http://www.chakratantramassage.com/.

  1. During the preparation, it is suggested that the receiver must allow herself to have empty bladder before the session. This will prevent her any discomfort during the course of yoni massage. Next is to let the receiver lie down with pillows under her head, knees and hips. Position her in such a way that she will be able to easily establish eye to eye contact with you while you are doing the massage. Moreover, the massage can be performed on bed or massage table whichever works best for the both of you.
  2. You and the receiver must perform proper deep breathing. Do it before and throughout the massage. Moreover, as a giver it is important that you remind the receiver soon as you noticed that she’s not breathing as told. The best way to give your reminder is to breath loudly instead of saying it loud.
  3. During the massage, it is recommended to sit in-between the receiver’s legs to easily have access to the desired area to massage. Use high quality oil to warm the body. Start massaging the receiver’s stomach all the way to her breast, legs and then thighs employing long and constantly flowing circular strokes. This technique will allow the receiver to relax while the giver can explore, feel and enjoy every touch. Maintaining eye to eye contact is important to establish deeper connection with each other.
  4. For the yoni massage, you may begin by pouring small amount of oil on the knoll above the yoni to allow the oil to drip down and cover each of the sides. Put some pressure on the outer lips by gently squeezing it in sequence using your index finger or thumb and then slide your finger up and down. Notice every visual sign from the receiver to guide you and adjust to increase pleasure.
  5. With your index finger or thumb, softly caress the clitoris in clockwise and counterclockwise motion then gently squeeze it. Feel your partner then start massaging, exploring and nurturing the yoni using your middle finger with your palm facing upward.
  6. Explore the G-spot that can be found beneath the pubic bone using your middle finger. To increase the pleasure, vary your pressure, movement and speed.
  7. Deliver total pleasure by incorporating varied movements. You may insert the middle and the ring finger to increase stimulation. Massage the clitoris with your thumb and outside the vagina. Use your pinky to massage around the receiver’s anus and use your free hand to massage the breasts through the stomach.
  8. Wrap up by slowly, softly and respectfully removing your hands. When you feel that she is ready, hold each other and cuddle.

We are well aware of the many benefits of massage in our physical bodies. However, Lingam massage also called tantra lingam is one of those that offer a whole lot more including alternative treatment for male impotence, strengthening spirituality, discovering inner soul and differentiating one self.

Lingam massage is a spiritual tradition rooted in India. It was conceived thousands of years ago as one way of celebrating the union of body, heart and soul. The characteristic of lingam massage is the same with yoga. However, aside from its physical gains, it can also be employed on people suffering from urinary problems and male impotence. On that note, it is important to know that this is not a male enhancement thing or somthing that increases the size and all that. Hence, it is an alternative remedy for treating male impotency caused by premature ejaculation.

Moreover, not all spa centers are allowed to offer lingam massage service. This is because this type of massage needs a specific skill that only a qualified lingam massage therapist can perform. It is performed in such way that the therapist will apply some pressure on male genitals and other sensitive tissues in which it will be manipulated carefully and systematically. One good site that offers online booking for lingam massage outcall service is http://www.toptantricmassage.com/

On the other hand, the technique used in lingam massage is reflexology. Its benefits include better blood circulation, stimulate the nerves, reduce stress, revitalize the body and strengthen the immune system. Normally, the therapist will use recommended oils made from special herbs that has no known side effects on skin especially on male genitals.

During the course of lingam massage, the receiver will be asked to lie down with cushion or pillows under his head and under his hips. This is done to easily elevate his hips while his legs are spread apart with his knees bent. Moreover, before the actual therapy starts, the receiver will be instructed to perform proper deep breathing. This technique is practice to put the mind at ease and release the tension.

Once the receiver is already at its calmest state the giver will gently apply oils on the legs and employ gentle massage through the legs. When prescribed amount of massage time is reached, the receiver is expected to experience the union of his body and soul. The direct benefit of tantra lingam is cure for premature ejaculation problems which in effect can dramatically treat male impotence.

Now that you already have some useful ideas about lingam massage, do not allow some phonies trick you with cheap lingam massage service. You are seeking therapy and not the opposite, your health is valuable thus, don’t compromise it by not getting professional therapist.