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Hundred Palms Residences EC By Hoi Hup

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Hundred Palms Residences EC (executive condo) is an exclusive new development sited in the center of town and touching the blue heavens. Its gorgeous profile brings new excitement to urban- resort living in the boundary of the city. Standing jewel-like in the city skyline, Hundred Palms Residences EC sensational architecture provides an abode that nestles in the midst of lush greenery living.

Hundred Palms EC

Convenience that even time simply does not have any effect on. While many promised to be near to nature, this EC Hear the birds chirp, observe squirrels dance, and revel in the ripples of water that for a meandering chain of peace and pleasure in your life. Immerse from shimmering pools in a range of contemporary facilities to culinary garden. Possess the rarest of modern luxury with pen balconies that draw you closest to mother nature every awakening moment.

Hundred Palms Residences EC Near Hougang

Within its seaside that is inspiring facade, the luxury Hundred Palms Residences EC expect the chosen few who’ll call it home. Hundred Palms Residences EC presents a rare investment opportunity to own a beautifully conceptualized development.

At Hundred Palms Residences, enjoy surroundings of tranquil neighbourhood, meandering rivers and energetic cityscape.

Hundred Palms EC @ Yio Chu Kang

In a border defined facilities that were elegant and by sophisticated modernity, your body and mind is continually engaged by refreshing aspects of life. The prosperity of lifestyle enjoyment is not to far away from your fingertips. You will never wish to go elsewhere.

Regardless of what you desire, you’ll never need to travel far to locate it. New shopping malls share the exact same neighbour as art galleries and little boutiques that boast an eclectic array of offerings and designers making their mark on the local fashion design scene.

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Call this your house with nature and exuberant view at your doorsteps.