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Landlord Rights and Responsibilities

Property investment is still one of the most effective methods to generate wealth but success depends upon location and much more than simply property choice.

As the landlord, you through the residential tenancy have various obligations which should be carried on. Means to generate riches

Across the nation, there’s state-specific laws which shields the renter’s in addition to the landlord’s rights.

Needless to say, we’ll also discuss using a professional property manager is able to make your premises investment journey much more satisfying and easier, too!


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As a landlord you’ve got the right to decide on the tenant you consider the most appropriate for your property but under the Equal Opportunity Act you must not discriminate against any one of the applicants based on their:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Marital status
  • Sexuality
  • Having children
  • Pregnancy
  • Mental illness
  • Disabilities
  • or a whole host of other discriminatory reasons.

If you do, you could be liable to pay damages or fines.


This protects you in the event the renter doesn’t pay all the rent damages your property or neglects to be sure that it stays in a suitable state, when the tenancy is finished, as you’ll subsequently be qualified to claim some or the whole bond. The quantity of bond is generally about four weeks’ worth of rent, however it can change determined by the kind of home.

For out of the bond, damage to the property could be paid at the conclusion of the tenancy, however only if both parties agree. Nevertheless, landlords cannot bill tenants for any reasonable wear and tear of property which could have happened during the tenancy. Examples of wear and reasonable contain a distressed kitchen bench-top or washed-out drapes. Conversely, burns or reductions or lost drapes to the bench-top would probably be considered damage, or so the renter would be responsible to cover these to be fixed.

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At the ending of a tenancy, in case your property is left in good shape and is clean, then both the landlord as well as the tenant can consent to get the bond refunded to the renter in full. When there’s any damage, then the procedure becomes a bit more complex as both parties must concur that damage has occurred during the expenses of the repairs along with the tenancy.

For example the landlord may make a claim on the bond for:

  • Rent not being paid
  • Damage caused by the tenant or their visitors
  • Cleaning expenses
  • Abandonment of the premises by the tenant
  • Landlord being forced to pay tenant’s bills
  • Loss of landlord’s goods


As the landlord you’ve got the right to request lease on a monthly, fortnightly or weekly basis.

Among the keys will be to make sure you’ve got the very best renters in your properties that have the financial ability to cover the rent together with the urge to look after your propertyBest renters in your properties nicely.

Successful renter choice is a skill and is one where you can be helped by a professional property manager.

As a landlord you’ve got the right to expect that the due date in how which was agreed on the lease to pays the rent for your property.

They can be believed to be in “ arrears while laws does change across the nation, if renters haven’t paid their rent by the due date.

Landlords must remember that if their renters don’t pay their rent, or are late paying their rent, the mortgage must be paid, which constantly stays the landlord’s duty and ought to be budgeted for accordingly.